Meet our 2019 SWiT Awards Finalists! 

Primary Teacher of the Year

A teacher, working in a primary school who inspires girls to study technology subjects, goes the extra mile to engage pupils in technology or is driving innovation for technology education in Scotland.

Frances Quinn.PNG
Frances Quinn
Sarah Burton.PNG
Sarah Burton

Secondary Teacher of the Year

Secondary school teacher who inspires girls to study and/or start a career in technology, goes the extra mile to engage pupils in technology driving innovation for technology education in Scotland.

Toni Scullion.PNG
Toni Scullion
Shona McAlpine.PNG
Shona McAlpine
Sarah Clark.PNG
Sarah Clarke

Technology Champion in Education

Individual not working in formal primary/secondary education (as a teacher) but who is influencing the education agenda to excite girls about technology. This person could be a careers adviser, a lecturer, working on school relevant extra-curricular activities or influencing education policy.

Kate Farrell.PNG
Kate Farrell
Tech Camp in Ed.jpg
Anne Porter
Kelly Gardner.PNG
Kelly Gardner
Tanya Howden.PNG
Tanya Howden

Rising Star

A student, graduate, apprentice, or someone who is at the beginning of their technology journey and is acting as an advocate for technology and/or gender equality which is impacting the wider community. The winner of this award will demonstrate that they have an enthusiasm for tech and have the potential to be a future leader/source of inspiration in the sector.

Anna McMullen.PNG
Anna McMullen
Meenal Upadhyay.PNG
Meenal Upadhyay
Sophie Lanc.PNG
Sophie Lanc
Christine Lester.PNG
Christine Lester
Maria Khokhar.PNG
Maria Khokhar
Julie McElroy.PNG
Julie McElroy
Sjoukje Ijlstra.PNG
Sjoukje Ijstra

Gender Aware Recruitment Agency of the Year

A recruitment company who demonstrates awareness of gender diversity issues and is leading the charge in tackling women’s under-representation in the tech recruitment pipeline.

Enigma People Solutions
Nine Twenty
McGregor Boyall
McGregor Boyall.PNG

Employer of the Year

An organisation who has demonstrated consistent commitment to advancing the careers of women in technology and sponsors initiatives to address gender imbalance in the workplace.

The Data Lab
Morgan Stanley
Jude McCorry.PNG

Inspirational Woman of the Year

A woman, working in a technology role, who is an inspiration and/or innovating in the Technology field. They are trailblazing and leading the charge on technology and/or gender diversity.

Jude McCorry
Sophie Lanc.PNG
Sophie Lanc
Megan Hughes.PNG
Megan Hughes
Freha Arshad.PNG
Freha Arshad
Vicky Brock.PNG
Vicky Brock
Tech Camp in Ed.jpg
Cat Leaver

Diversity Initiative of the Year

An initiative that is focused on promoting gender diversity in IT. This may include a skills initiative that encouraged women and girls to build digital skills to support a move to a career in technology, or a network built to retain women already within a technology career.

BCSWomen Scotland
Get Into Tech
Women in Technology (Morgan Stanley)
Dress code.PNG

Gender Diversity Champion of the Year

An individual who champions gender equality in education and/or industry.

Toni Scullion.PNG
Toni Scullion
Carole Rennie-Logan
Tech Camp in Ed.jpg
Lesley MacRury
Tech Camp in Ed.jpg
Rachel Adamson
Sam Rhynas.PNG
Samantha Rhynas

Leader of the Year

A woman technology leader, in a senior role, who demonstrates outstanding ability to lead, evangelise, and/or act as a visionary for Technology. They have a proven track record of leading change for the technology labour market.

Angela Prenter-Smith.PNG
Angela Prentner-Smith
Tech Camp in Ed.jpg
Eve Wallace
Vicky Brock.PNG
Vicky Brock
Rebecca Moore.PNG
Rebecca Moore
Eva Luckhiram.PNG
Eva Luckhiram
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